Hey there!

I'm Rossi Meacham, a web designer/ developer/ illustrator and writer located in beautiful Boston, MA.

Core Skills

1. HTML, CSS, Javascript
2. Wordpress, PHP, MySQL
3. Bootstrap, Bulma, Spectre, CSS Grid
4. React, MongoDB, Express, Node.js
5. Build tools, webpack, babel, etc.
6. NPM, ZSH, SSH, Git
7. SEO best practices, compression, minification
8. Asset creation, Vector illustration, SVG
9. Content and copy writing
10. Brand, marketing, & strategy consulting
11. Critical thinking, problem solving

Identity Crisis

I'm not a fan of the title jack of all trades, nor would I categorize myself as the mythical unicorn.

What I do is help clients identify the problem they're trying to solve, and implement the most efficient and elegant solution.

Whether it's a bespoke Wordpress site or a serverless React SPA, a static generated Gatsby blog or a customized landing page and sales funnel, I can take projects from ideation through to execution.

Designer or Developer?

Once upon a time you were an artist or an engineer, a sales guy or a creative, a designer or a developer.

The changing landscape of web technology has made it not only possible, but critical to understand and synthesize every aspect of the process.

And I love it.

I'm an indiscriminate enthusiast - I'm as comfortable pitching VC's as I am writing React components, as familiar with design patterns and SVG's as database migration and SQL queries.

That's why my favorite jobs are ones that require freedom and flexibility. Where creative problem solving is the most valued skill.

Step One
Landing page for a trainer
This site was made for a professional trathlete and Ironman champion who needed a landing page for his personal trainer business.
Rossi Meacham
A personal blog
Built with React powered static site generator Gatsby.
Best Of The Web
A tech blog and newsletter
Custom bespoke Wordpress theme with custom functions, post types, & shortcodes as well as Mailchimp integration.
Crypto News
Cryptocurrency news site
A crypto news aggregator built with React using fetch for API data.
NoPo Ventures
Design Agency
The agency that launched my freelancing career in 2014. Severely outdated website--not the code I'd like to be judged by.
A Social Service Startup
Sponsio is an app that will be used to connect people in recovery with those who can help. This landing page is a mockup.
Artesian Future
The initial design for the AFT website
This static design was used to gather support for a complete redesign and rebranding of Artesian Future Technology.
Extreme Minimalism
One of the first sites I made in 2013. I don't have the heart to take it down. Heavy use of CSS shapes.
Original Vin
Shoe Designer
Modern navigation and page based infinite scroll. Caution--bad language.
A vanilla JS implementation
Using pure javascript without any libraries or frameworks to build tetris is a fun challenge. Forces you to focus on fundamentals.
Frugal Tricks
Lifehacking blog
A Wordpress site with WooCommerce and Stripe integration, as well as SEO optimization.
Experimental design
Conventional techniques such as material design and Bootstrap are appropriate for most agency use cases, but experimental and unusual can be fun.

Illustrations & Logos

And it's round--neat!
Bawk bawk bakawwwk
Purple Parrot
Some words
Parrot Taqueria
Monster Co.
Needs no explanation.
Tandem Coffee
A coffee joint eh!
Videogame Co.
Traxor Logo Board
Color schemes
UI Design Shop
They draw stuff.
George Clooney
They draw stuff.
Three Circles
And they're purple gradients
Ron Swanson
Needs no explanation.
Well F**k
Say no more!
Heart Games
Love is great
A Wine Glass
For The Heck Of It
Baxter State Park
National Park System
Because Maine
An H logo
Random shit goes here

Thanks For Stopping By!

I'm available for projects of all shapes and sizes. You can reach me at rossimeacham@gmail.com